Celebrating 9th anniversary blogging on WordPress

Thank you to all my followers who have enabled by journey becoming a blogger. In November 2013, I registered with WordPress and begun the process of establishing a blog/website. It was not until July 2014, however, when I actually took my blogging more seriously and posted my first blog post. In it, I shared my opinion on why I thought the “2014/2015 national budget was a recipe for food and nutrition insecurity.” I worte:

“Agriculture is Uganda’s global comparative advantage, it is a primary economic growth driver and it is key in ensuring food and nutrition security for Ugandans. The budget 2014/2015 plans to increase food production costs through increased taxation – agricultural inputs will be heavily taxed.”

Norah Owaraga

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Yes, my first blog post was, indeed, well received. Here are some of the comments by my followers:

  • “Miss Owaraga, I think your opinion is so much adored and I believe this is what the government of Uganda should do, just like it’s neighbors,” opined Opio Moses.
  • Norah, Thanks for the post. I cannot agree with you more, when our academia has let down their ancestral heritage of social companionship to developmental issues to a more selfcentered, gated community approach,” observed Charles Matege.
  • “Good analysis Norah Owaraga. We should be investing more than trying to kill yoke before hatching,” appreciated Ojilong Patrick.
  • “When I heard about taxing agricultural products, I felt like we need divine intervention,” reacted Ester Namirimu.
  • “Well done Norah! … A blog more of primary concern to our country AGRICULTURE!! Bravo Norah!! Kip it up,” praised Umar Senky.
  • “Good initiative, but get a better high resolution picture,” advised Stephen Wandera.

And so I blog on.

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