Protecting and implementing my loved ones’ real last wishes

How does death change your perspective?

Slightly over two years ago, on 1st November 2020, my papa died. I am kicking myself for not having used modern technology, my smart phone, to record some of our conversations which I now know were very important conversations. For some of them I was dismissive and thought it was his dementia talking and not him. Now, I know that it was not necessarily the case, especially when some of what he said would happen when he dies has come to pass.

Oddly, for me, how I am handling situations since papa died has amazed even me. I honestly believe that papa’s spirit hovers around me. That it guides and points me to things, directions, information, etc. that are useful for me. I get these moments of realisation and intervention, at exactly the right time. And it amazes me.

Death has changed my perspective in a way that it has strengthened my belief in the spiritual connection between the living and the dead. While I have not used the services of a spirit medium, I now look kindly towards spirit mediums and don’t consider them all frauds.

I listen more to my inner voice. I trust it to remind me of what my loved ones transitioned said about this or the other. And with such remembrance, I endeavour to protect their wishes and legacy. Where the spirits of my ancestors guide me, I shall not resist. I shall follow.

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