Value of Uganda Constitution?

“Germany has its written constitution since 1949 and it is readily available. Many years ago, at the time when telephones were devices attached to wires within the houses, my work took me to Bonn, then the capital of West Germany. Our rented apartment was fine, except that it had no pone.

I called in the post office only to be told that due to the heavy demand for phones, foreigners like myself would have to wait several months for one to be fitted, as German nationals had priority. I protested that this was contrary to the German constitution.

Article three, paragraph three, states clearly, among other things, that no one may be discriminated against due to their origin, sex, race or religion – and I was being discriminated against.

The post office employee looked at me for a few moments and the said: “you’re right.” Our phone was installed the following week.”

Derek Malpass in The Guardian Weekly 13.02.2015

Compare and contrast with Uganda’s public and civil servants.

“I have the money you need for some of the social services but if you make a mistake and vote for the Opposition, you would be blocking the channel because they cannot approach me”

President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni, quoted in Daily Monitor

And also, he said:

“You have complained of lack of a health centre in this area but you are to blame because you sent me a representative who does not reach my office to demand for it since he is in Opposition and he has created this suffering to you.”

President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni, quoted in Daily Monitor

Chapter Seven of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda 1995, stipulates the role and responsibilities of the Executive (99 Executive Authority of Uganda, sub-section (3): as follows:

“It shall be the duty of the President to abide by, uphold and safeguard this Constitution and the laws of Uganda and to PROMOTE THE WELFARE OF THE CITIZENS and protect the territorial integrity of Uganda.”

Constitution of The Republic of Uganda

How are President Museveni’s recent utterances, while on the campaign trail, sometimes disguised under the cover of operation wealth creation, not a violation of our Constitution?

Featured photo of President Museveni holding Constitution @ Daily Monitor

2 responses to “Value of Uganda Constitution?”

    • Sadly, it is as you summarise and sadly, some culturally dislocated Ugandans think it is great and justify such uncostitutionalism …


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