Elections and Museveni’s Neo-Colonialism Card

The European Union (EU) election monitors who monitored Uganda’s 2016 Elections take some credit for President Museveni’s outburst, “ICC (International Criminal Court) is a bunch of useless people,” during his 2016 swearing in ceremony.

EU election monitors’ reports and statements to the press on matters regarding the 2016 elections in Uganda often came out unnecessarily skewed and biased. The bias in their statements, which in some cases also do not always hold true, was to the extent that their conclusions likely cannot hold up in a court of law.

There is, case in point, an exact opposite opinion to that of the EU election monitors, moreover, coming from monitors from the African Union (AU).

“I was very happy to observe the patience and orderliness with which the people of Uganda conducted her General Elections … These and many other things that have also been highlighted in the report, can be used as benchmarks for which other countries can borrow good practices from.”

His Excellency Ali Hassan Mwiniyi the former President of the United Republic of Tanzania is quoted as having said of the Uganda 2016 Elections.

President Museveni is a known entity – he has been in power for the last 30 years. He is known not to back down when the global-west publicly flexes muscle – by telling African leaders what to do. Instead, he will use it as an opportunity to play the neo-colonialism card.

Take for example the manner in which President Museveni engaged with President Barack Obama on Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law.  

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