Agriculture backbone of Economy or Backwardness?

Many people live in rural areas wandering about without engaging in any gainful work. He added that developed countries such as the US and UK have very few people in agriculture and majority in the service sector. One of the characteristics of backwardness is to have more people in agriculture than in services. President Museveni (Source: Daily Monitor)

Aya, I told you so, exclaims Ajakait. She is competitive like that, always wanting to be the Ms Know-it-all. According to her, if you were in doubt about why the onslaught on customary tenure and the push for titling of land, President Museveni’s recent declarations should surely clarify the matter for you.

It is the intention of the Government of Uganda to remove its people off the land that the people currently own so that ebe Uganda can be like the more ‘developed’ nations, mmmmmm, rants Ajakait.

Ate oba, perhaps, this is the reason that rolex has become a thing – making it look sexy for one to urbanize, Ajakait continues with incredulity. Konye, mmm, how is it sexy to live in a slum, in one room, moreover with N children, possibly a room located above an open sewer, buy water in jerrycans, buy food, and spend hours upon hours burning your fingers frying rolex or roasting gonja or maize by the roadside in order to earn an income, asks Ajakait.

I swear! Me, I rather stay backward if backwardness is living on my own land, in my own home with many houses and rooms, where I grow my own food, sell some of it and get cash, and fetch clean water from the borehole or the spring well than live that life in urban slums in Kampala, for example, Ajakait declares.

Do you think people from the rural areas are going to move from there to live in Nakasero, Bugolobi or Kololo, incan, mmmm, poverty just, she laughs with sarcasm – wowe!

I mean, you have already explained this clearly in one of the backgrounders that you have written – Ajakait endorses my work; coming from her who is so critical this is monumental. You know, that analysis of yours Rural and Urban in Uganda has sincerely automatically become a must read for all serious people, she concludes.

Eebo maa, if only some of these people would read your sharp, sharp analysis then they would not be confusing us – today agriculture is the backbone of the economy, tomorrow it is backwardness and last month it was operation four acre model … lalilalila; and her airtime runs out.

Am sure the next time she calls or we meet she will go on and on about the proposal of Uganda Revenu Authority to increase taxes on airtime and at the same time the government is planning to give members of parliament 150 million shillings each to buy cars … aso konye.

2 responses to “Agriculture backbone of Economy or Backwardness?”

  1. Return to Villages, Museveni Tells Youth:

    “President Museveni has advised youth in Mbale to return to the villages and dig if they are to fight the biting poverty.”

    Kampala — Homelessness in Uganda

    “The report prepared by the National Habitat Committee notes the gravity of the situation saying that homelessness – absence of a house to live in – has been growing steadily in the urban areas since the late 1980s.”


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