#THV: Affirmative action 4 men needed

So, some days back I wrote this piece in which I am extolling my achievements as, well, a distinguished practitioner, scholar and researcher who is not a mere native informer – you know the kind who just gives others raw data, just like that, for others to analyse and then re-export back to Africa.

Yes, as usual I shared my short piece (about 700 words) on social media for the purpose of generating cutting age debate from my fellow Africans, especially, and also other scholars, practitioners and researchers. And indeed the discourse it elicited was enriching – one of my European colleagues, for example, in a one-word Whatsup message, “Niceeeee”, affirmed my piece.

Then face book notified me of a comment on my piece coming from a male member of one of the group pages – this one of (name of city) Think Tank. Am excited to read, because this is a page in which am active and through which my practitioner-scholar-researcher self has been nourished immensely.

So, in anticipation for intellectual nourishment, I click, go to the comment and I read:

 Are you a sister or wife of Silver Owaraga?

Mmmmmmm … eeeeeh …. wowe … mmmm! – am lost for words. Banage, this guy obviously did not read my piece. Konye!!!

If he had read my piece he would have clearly known that I was asserting my right to be respected as a top notch practitioner, scholar and researcher who is significantly published.

He would have known that if someone wants to know who I am and what my views are they need only Google me or use whatever search engine with the key words as “Norah Owaraga” and the stuff is there for you.

For example, the answer to this man’s irrelevant question (in the context of my post that is) is immediately found on my face book page. Furthermore, I provided it, for example, in a TED Talk that I gave, a transcription of which I published on my blog under the title going back to my roots. Right there I explain the origin of my names as they appear on my birth certificate.

BUT, in any case, after reading my piece, if at all, in his mind the only imagery of me that it elicited in him is as a sister or wife – WHAAAT????

Please, do not misunderstand me, I do love the men in my life, but really, how in this case is it relevant to identify me by them? Moreover, in a comment to a post in a social media forum that has the words “Think Tank” in its name.

And please, do not patronise me with that “she is over reacting because it is that time of the month” crap. For one it is not that time of the month. And that belief is a whole load of BS for it really does not affect brain functioning, per se. I have done some of my best work during that time of the month.


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