#TheHumanistView: Happy New Year

In 2016 The Humanist View (THV) increased the number of views that it received from 16.6 thousand views that it received in 2015 to nearly 29.4 thousand views; a 43.5 percent increase.

The number who visited THV increased from slightly over 9.8 thousand visitors in 2015 to nearly 17.3 thousand visitors in 2016; a 43.4 percent increase.

THV increased, by 42 percent, the number of posts that it published to 71 in 2016, as compared to the 41 that it published in 2015.

The visitors, the readers and the viewers of THV were from 139 geographical locations – countries and regional blocks – that are located in the different continents of the world – from Uganda to Fiji.

The top ten geographical locations from whence the majority of THV views originated in 2016 were as follows:

  • Uganda – 11,778 views
  • European Union – 4,513 views
  • United States of America – 3,831 views
  • United Kingdom – 1,388 views
  • Kenya – 876 views
  • Norway – 865 views
  • South Africa – 677 views
  • Germany – 428 views
  • Canada – 422 views
  • Tanzania – 406 views

This is steady progress, backed by empirical data.

THV thanks its viewers, visitors, readers and commentators. There is no better affirmation for a writer than their work received viewers, readers and commentators.

In 2017, THV promises to do even better. Happy New Year 2017!

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