Iteso Don’t Have Kings

Iteso have no kings and no queens. From time immemorial Iteso have never had and should never have Kings; it is inconsistent with the central social organisation and governing logic of the Iteso.

Iteso are an advanced civilisation, from whom others can learn and appreciate the benefits of governing through highly decentralised and manageable power centres. Iteso have a clan-based system of governance in which each clan is independent and is governed by a council of elders. Inter-clan meetings traditionally happened, yes, but once in a while.

You can further educate on this by reading the book: “The Iteso”.

It is thus fascinating to note that. seemingly, the same people who decry over-centralisation of power to the central government are the ones who are prescribing the need for centralising power centres of Iteso into a concocted institution.


The Prime Minister of Iteso Cultural Union Paul Sande Emolot has given a go ahead to the youth leaders of Teso to mobilise 1 billion shillings to construct the palace for the Teso Kingdom.

This project which has dragged feet for the last 22 years has now gotten a new momentum from the youth wing of the kingdom which has put up a team of youth leaders from Teso Kenya and Teso Uganda to mobilize 1,000,000 of their brothers and sisters to contribute a minimum of 1000 Ushs or 33 Kshs and deposit in MTN mobile collection account, so that His highness papa Iteso gets a place where he can meet all Iteso in their various categories.”

(Copied verbatim from a face book wall)

One cannot decry over-centralisation of power within the government of The Republic of Uganda and at the same time prescribe it for Iteso. It does not make sense.

Until the logical fallacy of pretending Iteso Kings is resolved, one finds it unproductive to discuss and or sanction ‘development’ interventions proclaimed for the benefit of Iteso and to be chanelled through the concocted Iteso King. The Iteso King is a factoid.

Iteso youth would rather heed calls such as of Dr. Stella Nyanzi for them to mobilize funds for the construction of a factory that makes sanitary pads. This is one of many fabulous long term interventions which has multiple benefits – economic and otherwise.

Please, Iteso, let us get our priorities right.

Post featured photo: Young girls enjoy themselves after school at Loro Sub-County in Oyam District. Ateso (girls of present day Teso) are similar to their sisters of Lango. 

5 responses to “Iteso Don’t Have Kings”

  1. 1. I’m original etesot. 2. Ateker of iteso could be blessed, living in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia…… 3. All iteso clans are and shall be under one Top cultural leader (king) Emorimor Papa Iteso nothing else . 4. Construction of palace underway. 5. Any itesot with sound understanding will never undermind this Gift institution of our Heritage and, 6. Before you criticize ,have you ever contributed any……. to/for or you only talk (what will teso remember you of,. Let’s unite love and participate actively with respect to construction. Me I confess at whatever out come, I’ll die there As this is the only way to reach next generations to heights


    • “I’m original etesot… 5. Any itesot with sound understanding will never undermind this Gift institution of our Heritage.” You cannot be if you do not know that referring to Iteso as itesot is an insult. And for that matter one called and itesot cannot be of sound mind.


    • “Before you criticize ,have you ever contributed any……. to/for or you only talk (what will teso remember you of.” A clearly indication that you are not rooted and also a good example of the Iteso King as a factoid. What will I be remembered for? Alinga Farms for one and my advocacy for Iteso


  2. So where does the youths energy come from? May the Iteso may after all have a king for the first time.

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    • Iteso and therefore Teso is the 5th largest cultural grouping in Uganda. There is therefore no reason to think it will be extinct soon, particularly so even if there is no PALACE!


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