#Youth of #Uganda = Ms. Rebecca Alekur

Utilising the grounds of their rented home and road reserve land in the Central Division of Lira Municipality in Lira District in Lango in Northern Uganda, Rebecca and her brother Dickens are growing vegetables, fruits and other food items which are earning them daily income. In addition, Rebecca makes fabulous mandanzi as well for sale.

CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR) is hosting three students who are pursuing their studies for the award of a Masters Degree in Public Health Nutrition with the School of Public Health of Makerere University Kampala.

As part of their placement, on Wednesday, 5th July 2017, together with the students whom, in my capacity as the CPAR Managing Director, am mentoring while they are on placement with CPAR, we went on a home visit to the home of Rebecca and Dickens. We were totally amazed at their hard work and their high economic and nutrition sense.

The following day, after the home visit, Rebecca delivers my order to the CPAR Uganda Ltd headquarters in Lira – spinach, pumpkins and melons. And so, yesterday, Sunday, 7th July 2017, I had a fabulous and nutritious supper of pumpkin and spinach.

Rebecca, Dickens and nine other community members in Lira Central Division have opened up their homes to host home visits for the students on placement. The students will be able to contextualize theory within practice or more accurately practice within theory. Its is very exciting.

Rebecca has a dream and as I have been mentored by other great women, such as of the caliber of Prof. Maggie Kigozi and Ms. Mariam Luyombo, I too have offered to mentor Rebecca. I am excited for when her dream comes true, it is of great significance.

Watch this space … Ali A. Mufuruki, Zuhura Muro, Julie Gathoni Sumira Gichuru, and Victoria Chale me seeing a project of the ALI philosophy coming up. Will up-date soon.

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