Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities Bill

Applauding Hon. Paul Akamba, Busiki County MP, for his initiative to revive and push forward the “Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities Bill, 2017.” According to reports in the New Vision,

The Bill empowers consumers to demand high quality healthcare, promote the rights of patients and to improve the quality of life of all Ugandans.

The bill is a noble cause indeed. It concurs with the work that CPAR Uganda Ltd is doing in advocating for policy and policy implementation in relation to patients’ and medical workers’ rights and responsibilities; and for action from duty bearers, albeit with a focus on tuberculosis (TB) healthcare management.

Among CPAR Uganda Ltd’s advocacy so far is a policy brief which it has authored and has submitted to the Health Committee of the Parliament of Uganda. The policy brief titled: “End tuberculosis now! TB is a burden, an enormous health challenge to the people, the public health system, and Uganda’s economy.”

The CPAR Uganda Ltd Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga, shared some of the findings of a 2016-2017 empirical research study conducted by CPAR Uganda Ltd on  TB, a disease that has been eradicated in so many other parts of the world, and what should be done in Uganda today. Watch the 22-minute video of her interview on NTV Uganda.



2 responses to “Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities Bill”

  1. The bills are only appreciated on the paper once they are presented! Nothing works in Uganda. It will be passed and the rubbish will keep flowing in the same pipe. Total overhaul of the system is required then we start afresh with new laws, systems and policies.


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