Evidence based advocacy is more effective in long run

Dr Stavia Turyahabwe, Programme Manager, Uganda National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme agrees with the research findings of CPAR Uganda Ltd’s investigation into pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda.

Yes, this is what I found out a few minutes ago as I did a Google search for authoritative sources to confirm the prevalence of TB in northern Uganda.

Reading about my evidence based views as among the authoritative sources used by the Kampala Dispatch, an online publication that brands itself as the provider of “Uganda’s News Monthly”, for its story: “Tuberculosis on the rise in northern Uganda”, has tickled me.

Most importantly, the Dispatch story has given me the much needed boost to soldier on as I am currently authoring a discussion of our research findings on the use of GeneXpert TB diagnostic machines in Uganda’s greater northern region – lessons learnt and recommendations of how we may do better. My discussion should be published in a couple of days.

We, at CPAR Uganda Ltd, are delighted that our policy advocacy strategy for better policies and policy implementation to end TB in Uganda seems not only to be getting noticed, but is also affirmed by relevant officials of the Government of Uganda.

Our strategy is to share our research findings in the most user friendly formats as possible and to make them available to varied and as many users as possible.

We thus invite you to visit the special page on TB on our website through which you can download various publication which contain the qualitative data that we generated and our analyses.

State Minister of Health Sarah Opendi on West Nile  tour Observes TB patient receiving treatment  (Source Kampala Dispatch)

May I take this opportunity to correct the error in the Dispatch story and to clarify that the name of our organisation is simply CPAR Uganda Ltd. The acronym CPAR is for the international not-for-profit organisation, the Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief, which is an independent Canadian organisation; albeit it is from CPAR that CPAR Uganda Ltd, an independent national Ugandan not-for-profit organisation was borne.

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