Mentoring Young Adults into Innovators Against Poverty – Call for Applications

Some people who have seen the photo in this story have remarked how I look alike with Hon. Cecilia Ogwal and it flatters me to no end.

After all, when mama Cecilia was 23 years of age, in 1969 (when I was barely one year), when she competed in the first ever beauty pageant in Uganda, the Brooke Bond Tea Beauty Pageant, and without makeup she was crowned Miss Uganda by the media, even though the organizers had crowned another. She was essentially the people’s choice. Read more here.

And besides, mama Cecilia is a top notch politician, a hugely successful business woman and a university graduate, among other accolades. What is not to like? I am so proud when I am likened to her.

Anyway, that is all besides the point. We, at CPAR Uganda Ltd, have set the dates for receiving our first cohort of 25 young adults for their first mentoring session with us – MENTORING YOUNG ADULTS INTO INNOVATORS AGAIST POVERTY. Read more about our mentoring programme here.

The call for applications is out and 22nd November 2019 is the deadline for receiving applications. The application can be downloaded through this link. Please share widely and encourage young adults within your networks to apply.

We all need someone to look up to and so it is our duty to be those whom others can look up to. And when the young look up to us, it is our gift to give back.

Yours, Comrade Alinga.

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