Karimojong Women Marginalised

Among the top five Cabinet positions, albeit being occupied by men, none is from Karamoja. Except for one, the 1st deputy prime minister, who is from West Nile, the other four are Bantu from the greater south.

The president and the prime minister are from the west; while the vice president and the 2nd deputy prime minister are from central – Buganda and Busoga.

Are there no Karimojong who are presidential material so they can be appointed vice president or prime minister? If there are, why are they not appointed into those positions? If there are none why is it so?

Among the 28 full ministers, none is from Karamoja and, therefore, none are Karimojong women. Again, the majority of the full ministers, 78 percent of them, are from the greater south, with the west taking 46 percent and central taking 32 percent.

Among the 47 state ministers, only two are from Karamoja; a proportion of four percent; and both of them are men; meaning that none of the state ministers, as well, are Karimojong women.

Again, the majority of the state ministers, 58 percent of them, are from the greater south – with the west taking 30 percent and the central taking 28 percent.

This, de facto, means that in the 80 strong Cabinet of Uganda, none of the ministers, full or state, are Karimojong women. Why is it the case? What is the justification for it?

Ms. Norah Owaraga gives the keynote speech during the First Karamoja Women Conference.

This is part of the keynote address that I gave to the First Karamoja Women Conference, themed: Women, Power Up: Breaking Barriers to Socio-Economic Development” that was held at Hotel Leslona in Moroto in Karamoja in Uganda and was attended by 100s of women from all over Karamoja. Continue reading, download a PDF of the full text of the address here.

Photo of smiling Karimojong women by Emmanuel Owaraga

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