Celebrating Florence Naduk

Three years later, I am still awe-struck. She gets even better and better! And from what I have seen her business gets better and better. And from what I have heard her charitable work gets better still.

On 28th December 2019, during the First Karamoja Women Conference I got to meet her again. My image of her and opinion of her remains positively the same.

In November 2016, when I first met Toto Florence Naduk, the proprietor of Kara-tunga Arts and Tours Karamoja, I was blown over by her. I was awe-struck. I captured the moment through a blog post on my The Humanist View, in which I wrote:

“Florence Naduk is fabulously a woman of substance; she is a true daughter of Karamoja of Uganda. As the Director of Kara-tunga Arts and Tours Karamoja, she is among the champions for the preservation of Karimojong Culture.”

Norah Owaraga

She is everything that I think she is. According to Karamoja.org,

“Florence was the first female to get a university  degree  from  Karamoja … and in 2020 she will be opening up a technical school for girls in Matany.”


She has proven that she is not one of those who talks the talk, for she walks the talk. While sharing her testimony during the Karamoja Women Conference, for example, she shared that the head of housekeeping at Kara-tunga Guest House signs for her salary using a thumb print, because she did not go to school and is therefore not able to write; and yet, she is very good at her work.

I remain in awe of Toto Florence Naduk for she is doing business with humanity. All corporations and businesses operating in Karamoja, in Uganda, in Africa and in the world, should take time to learn from the way in which Kara-tunga is doing business. There philosophy is simple:

We want to remain within the community, conserve the culture. Involve the community.

Florence Naduk

This is Ubuntu at its best!

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