Speaker Kadaga’s legacy needs auditing

I saw a video in which Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was dicing her deputy, Deputy Speaker Jacob Olanya, as incompetent to handle matters in parliament, especially certain tough decisions like amending the constitution to remove the age-limit. She was dicing him in order to justify why she should be re-elected for a third term as Speaker.

Sincerely, how should a Speaker be judged? Is it that they simply chaired a session or that they guided debate in such a manner that resulted in a sound resolution or legislation? I am interested in working backwards, what was the role of Speaker Kadaga in Parliament passing certain questionable legislation or making questionable decisions.

When Speaker Kadaga took a delegation to meet the President, because, on the basis of questionable science at the time, she claimed Uganda could produce sanitizer that instantly kills COVID19

Rember when Honourable Sarah Achieng Opendi was the only Member of Parliament (MP) who voted not to turn 15 municipalities into unviable cities. It is reported that the gist of her submission, as to why she voted against it, is that it would be irrational to turn these municipalities into cities without first assuring that the ‘new’ cities would be appropriately and sufficiently resourced.

Government Minister and Member of Parliament Hon. Sarah Achieng Opendi

Hon. Opendi was reportedly overruled by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. And so, as Uganda battles the COVID-19 pandemic, and fresh from another unwise parliamentary decision – the 10 billing shilling saga, our parliament passed a resolution to turn 15 municipalities countrywide into unviable cities. The resolution reportedly passed with 313 votes of the 314 cast.

While the jury is still out some are inclined to believe that Hon. Opendi’s submission was the wiser; and that of Speaker Kadaga was simply politicking.

Sadly, I wonder whether it even matters who speakers, since our parliament is a cost centre rather than an ideas one. Wwe simply have a bloated and an irrational parliament. But nevertheless, a fact check of Speaker Kadaga’s chest thumping is needed.

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