Bloated Irrational Parliament of Uganda

One would expect that since 85 percent of Ugandans live in the rural areas and they are the ones who are producing food for Uganda, the leaders in the rural areas should be the focus of the attention of the Government. But clearly, judging from the unnecessary number of members of parliament (MPs) and their emoluments this is not the case.

Would it not be better for Government to focus attention on ensuring that leaders at the district, sub-county and village levels are facilitated to stimulate political, social and economic development to the extent that each district should be able to sponsor one MP to represent the district in parliament? In which case, district councils would be the ones to set the emoluments of MPs.

The current system is irrational for it allows for districts, such as my ancestral district, Pallisa, whose annual revenue collection is about 130 million shillings only, to be represented by five MPs that cost the nation 900 million shillings per year.

Negative trends such as the most recent weakening of the shilling and the sky rocketing food prices shall continue, because those, such as our MPs, who are expected to do something about it are mute or will only make pretentious noises for they do not genuinely feel the pinch as they are cushioned by their vulgar disproportionate emoluments.

Those who feel the pinch, leaders and people of the rural areas, are pretty much ignored and are expected to be thankful whenever the ‘big man’, MPs inclusive, visits from Kampala and drops them a few crumbs.

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