My Ganda culture informs all that I do

“Great article Norah. Congratulations on the ALI project in rooted in Teso culture,” wrote Dr. Maggie Kigozi after she had read my blog post containing the text for the TEDx Kiira Talk that I gave in 2015 and titled: “Going back to our roots.”

Dr. Maggie Kigozi also shared how the culture of the Uganda first nation to which she belongs, The Baganda, the largest first nation of Uganda, informs all that she does. She shared:

Dr. Maggie Kigozi (centre) with her son Navio (right) at the 2016 Hipipo Music Awards where his song won was voted the best Hip Hop song of the year. Photo credit: Emmanuel George Owaraga

”I belong to the Ngeye clan (colobus monkey clan) of Buganda so I try to protect natural forests. My son Lubwama (proudly named after his grandfather who was a Cheif) now better known as Navio demonstrates his pride in being a member of his fumbe (civet cat) through his rap music which is strongly built on Ganda cultural music.”

Dr. Kigozi at her Zuri Farm. Photo credit: Daily Monitor

My farm named Zuri is a move to our East African roots. Thank you putting the concept into words for us. We can begin to understand and build on what motivates us.

Thank you Dr. Maggie Kigozi for sharing and enlightening us on how so easy it is to be culturally rooted.

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