We live our lives once, stay rooted in our people’s culture

I read this article a few minutes ago, “Going back to our roots,” by Norah Owaraga”, and liked it for the fact that it signals to fellow Africans, Ugandans to embrace their cultural diversity, norms, and values as part of success in the future.

I really agree with the writer that what we do today determines the future.

  • If we ignore our own culture what more will happen to the generation a head?
  • How will they know where they came from?
  • Who will teach them if we fail to learn from our elders, who are disappearing without us learning the basics about cultural norms?

Am a student of public health and in health perspective its right to eat traditional foods as they build our security organs and improve on the immunity this is true for organic foods unlike inorganic foods that have been modified.

  • Look at a future trend as these foods are disappearing what will happen to our health systems in the body?

That is why we shall complain of heart diseases. We, as Iteso eat eboo (cowpeas leaves), groundnuts, among others that improve eye sight, and many benefits. so we need to improve on our dieting not to consumes certain foods, because of self esteem.

It only backfires when one gets a complicated illness that not even their money can help. Remember, we live our lives once – emamei ecie odula – Ateso proverb meaning there are no spare parts for human lives.

By Emmanuel Olupot

Featured photo credit: Supermum Min Abembem with her mother in law

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