Totems of Karamoja and cultural tourism

According to my friend, Lomuria Betty Konyen, in Karamoja every ethnic group has a totem, which are largely animals; this signifies how the Karamojong’s life is entrenched in animals, both domestic and wild. For example, according to Lomuria, some of the totems are:


  • Ngi-Matheniko – Giraffe – Ekori (they are Ngikorio).
  • Ngi-Bokora – Turtle – Akuma (they are Ngikumai)
  • Ngi-Pian – Star Grass – Emuria (they are Ngimuria)
  • Ngi-Jie – Honey Badger – Ekor (they are ngikoria)
  • Ngi-Dodoso – Ostrich – Ekalees (they are Ngikaleeso)
  • Ngiporein – Roan Antelope – Engoletiang (they are Ngingoletiang)
  • EThur (Jo Abwor) – Lion – (they are the people of the Lion)
  • Tepes – Elephant – Etom (they are Ngitomei)

Which begs the question: why is this interesting cultural fact eliminated from the ‘tourist narratives’ on the animals that are located in Kidepo National Park which is in Karamoja?

Can someone please put that question to the Minister of the Ministry of Tourism and also to the Minister for Karamoja Affairs.

One response to “Totems of Karamoja and cultural tourism”

  1. A people without their history, knowledge, culture and language are like a tree without roots! They stand naked and totally defenseless before the whole world!


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