Defend Bugingo for God allows polygamy

I wonder whose faith is skin-deep and is simply intoxicated by religion, as in Karl Marx’s “religion is the opium of the people.” Is it of the:

  • Pastor who publicly humiliated his wife and sought to divorce her, in order that he marries his concubine?
  • Followers who cheered their pastor on as he publicly humiliated his wife and, perhaps, didn’t think he would go that far to actually marry his concubine and therefore become that which is frowned upon by modern Christian teachings, a polygamist?
  • Wife who refused to give the pastor a divorce so that he does not enter holy matrimony with his concubine?
  • Other self-righteous Christians – leaders and flock alike, who in a blinkered manner, harshly judged the pastor outright as an agent of the devil or one possessed by the devil?

For me, the Bugingo saga is symptomatic of the reality of how many Ugandans have a shallow understanding of the religions that they subscribe to. Yes, it is the norm in Uganda that religions exogenous in origin are the acceptable and the more venerated ones. Pre-colonial endogenous religious practices of the ancestors of our first nations are generally frowned upon and are often relegated as witchcraft and devil worship.

It fascinates me how many who proclaim the intention to promote participatory democratic good governance practices in Uganda, do not readily accept that the necessary starting point would be to decolonize our minds of the opium that is the colonial versions of religions that our colonizers successfully and forcefully used in order to subjugate and to oppress us then; and still do today.

Case in point, for example, in Uganda, it is taboo for one to question when and how Christian teachings outlawed polygamy. And yet the Bible (the old testament) is littered with accepted polygamists. Since Uganda’s statutory law, moreover, provides two types of marriages that allow polygamy – Islamic and customary, it is thus valid to ask, why doesn’t Uganda’s law allow old testament Biblical Christian polygamy?

Interestingly, according to “Got Questions”, an online site that gives “Biblical answers”, there is a reason God accepted polygamy in the old testament – because then women couldn’t provide for themselves. And, apparently, that was the only “positive” aspect of polygamy – men providing for women; which is no longer a necessity.

“In most modern societies, there is absolutely no need for polygamy. In most cultures today, women are able to provide for and protect themselves—removing the only “positive” aspect of polygamy.”

Got Questions

Folks, does this assertion always hold true in Uganda? If not, then a valid conclusion is that in the context of Uganda, God allows polygamy.

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