FDC did women’s day best

If you consider how it all started, among Uganda’s political parties, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) did International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022 best.

IWD had socialist beginnings with women forming movements to fight for equality for their labour, for voting rights, for radical change for the benefit of womankind; and for celebrating womanhood. And so IWD was established for the purpose of commemorating cultural, political, social, economic achievements for women.

It is thus understandable that there was a social media backlash about featuring a young girl playing a keyboard and signing praise for the President, among the main activities for the government commemoration events; which in reality were those of the ruling National Resistance Movement Party. Albeit the fact that the backlash took on tribalism tangents, it is valid to ask:

How does the performance of the young girl singing praise of the president at Kololo highlight the challenges and or the success related to gender inequality in Uganda? How does it highlight challenges and or successes on issues related with reproductive rights, voting rights; and on issues of violence and abuse against women?

If you think that I am being biased, here is the evidence that I am not:

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