Don’t cause own unhappiness

Our Trip Together Is Very Short!

A woman climbed up the bus and sat down beside a man, hitting him with her numerous bags. When the man remained silent, the woman asked him why he did not complain when she hit him with her bags?

The man replied with a Smile: “There is no need to be upset about something so insignificant, as our journey together is so short, because I’m getting off at the next stop.” This answer disturbed the woman so much, she asked the man to excuse her and thought the words needs to be written in gold.

Each of us must understand that our time in this world is so short, that darkening it with useless arguments, jealousy, not forgiving others, discontentment and bad attitudes are a ridiculous waste of time and energy.

Did someone break your heart?  Stay calm.

The trip is too short.

Did someone betray you, intimidate, cheat or humiliate you? 

Relax – Don’t be Stressed

The trip is too short.

Did someone insult you without reason? 

Stay calm. Ignore it.

The trip is too short.

Did someone make a comment that you didn’t like? 

Stay calm. Ignore. Forgive, keep them in your prayers & love them still for no reason. 

The trip is too short.

Whatever the problems someone brings to us, it is a problem only if we think of it, remember that our journey together is too short.

No one knows the length of our trip. No one has seen tomorrow. Nobody knows when it will arrive at its stop.

Our trip together is too short.

Let us appreciate friends and family. Keep them in good humor. Respect them. Let us be respectful, kind, loving & forgiving.

Because we will be filled with gratitude and joy, after all Our trip together is very short.

Share your smiles with everyone… choose your path to be as beautiful as you wish it to be.

Our trip is Very Short

Please note, I am not the author of this piece above. I received it from others via WhatsApp. I think it profound and so I share it here for you my followers and readers to also benefit from its wisdom. I hope it has such a positive impact on you that it had on me and that you will share it with others in your network as well.

It has reminded me of a proverb from Akan in Ghana: “Onipa ho anto no a, nae fi ne nneyee.” Translated into English: “If one is unhappy, the cause of one’s unhappiness is within oneself.” Meaning: “One is often to blame for one’s own unhappiness. This proverb encourages one to accept responsibility for one’s own challenging circumstances instead of blaming others for them.” (Source: Wisdom from Africa – A collection of proverbs, compiled by Dianne Stewart).

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