Government setting maximum school fees will cause more damage

I agree that regulating school fees by placing a minimum and a maximum that schools can charge, without taking into consideration the cost of living is counterproductive to education objectives.

Clipping from the New Vision of Friday, 23.09.2022

And the culture of formulating and passing laws without consulting all stakeholders is not consistent with democratic principles. Parents, current and future, should be concerned with what is happening with regulating of school fees by the state.

Clipping from the New Vision of Friday, 23.09.2022

The NRM Administration seems schizophrenic in its development and application of policy. Regulating school fees, especially of private schools, is inconsistent with the free market neo-liberal economic model favored by the NRM Administration. In essence, the NRM Administration regulating school fees without making a change to its allegiance to neoliberalism is oxymoronic.

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