Investigations in Mrs. Owaraga Mbale land case closed & police bond cancelled

For you who called her aunt Betty, especially the Entebbe crew and for the many who call her ija Anna and toto Anna, be joyed that the Uganda Police Force in Mbale has closed the investigation into false allegations made by “the complainant” that toto fraudulently acquired a land title for her land in Mable; land which she and her late husband acquired over 40 years ago and on which they built their retirement home where she has lived for over 30 years as her primary residence.

“The complainant” brought forth “inadequate evidence” to support his false claim. The police saw no need to continue with holding toto on police bond as a “suspect” required to regularly report to police and so seven months later the bond has been cancelled too. It is interesting that “the complainant” was too chicken to be named on the police summons, but we kind of know who he his or who they are, but I will not grant his name or their names mileage in my space.

For some of us who believe that the spirits of our ancestors are watching over us and are protecting us, we think the spirit of my ija Agadi, who rested and transitioned last week, has met up with the spirit of her brother, papa, Eng. George William Obityo Owaraga, RIP, and they have made it happen.

Toto in the 1980s when she and papa agreed to separate homes. She moved to their unfinished home in Mbale and has since turned it into a powerful property consisting of Watoto Apartments – each of her grandchildren has an apartment at their tata’s home. Yes, it is holiday time and some of her granddaughters are now resident with their tata. What a privilege.

To all of you my friends and well wishers, please accept thanks from toto and myself. You are rooting for us and standing with us as we battle on. Eyalama noi noi noi noi thank you thank you thank you.

In a special way I would like to thank our legal teams:

  • The Women Probono Initiative – Uganda who provided the initial legal advice and first contact with the police. You effectively set the tone.
  • Okalanga Law Chambers who hit the ground running with astute legal prowess and physically represented toto when the police interrogated her and physically followed up the case file, with the police, the DPP’s office, etc., till it was closed and toto’s bond cancelled. Toto cannot stop singing praises of Counsel Winnie Adio, who she now calls her daughter. Thanks to Counsel Allan Ogoi who was lead counsel.
  • V. Agaba Advocates & Legal Consultants, your client, toto, is happy with the way in which you handled the matter and defended her. Tom Mbalinda and Benjamin Mutuuza thank you!

In a special way, also, I would like to thank my two brothers, Fred Tukei and Okoit James Owaraga, who regularly made the trip to Mbale to escort toto when she was first interrogated and subsequently to report to police as bonded. Your physical presence comforted toto and enabled her to come out of this horror less scathed and less traumatized than she would have. Eyalama for showing your love to toto.

And lastly, but not least, thanks go to big sister Pamela Asire-isukali for supporting toto in many ways as she was harassed by “the complainant.” You came through each time without question.

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