My February 2023 diary has me in spaces I am passionate about

The National Debate Council of Uganda (NDC) has contracted me, during 10 days of February, to evaluate 40 student interview pieces. Short videos of interviews that young people have conducted with duty bearers on the topic of corruption.

NDC has advised me to expect that the participating young people are of diverse ages, formal education and experiences. They may include pupils in primary school and students of secondary and tertiary institutions. A challenging delight it will be. And as well as an education.

What a fabulous opportunity it is for me as a scholar, researcher and cultural anthropologist to have access to great qualitative data, that provides insights into how duty bearers respond to questioning from our young people. And, of course, the issues that are of concern to our next generation of national leaders. I am certain a lot of good will come of it, beyond the contract.

Such great timing it is that starting 13th February 2023, CPAR Uganda Ltd, the nonprofit organisation for which I am currently Managing Director, is one of the few successful organisations that Lightful in partnership with GlobalGiving has selected to take part in its BRIDGE Program.

Read more here

Together with an Associate of CPAR Uganda, I will be a direct beneficiary of the Lightful BRIDGE skills program – learning best practice in digital strategy and digital fundraising; knowledge and skills intended for us, at CPAR Uganda, to better raise funds and better advocate for the greater good.

An exciting month, February 2023, seems will be for me.

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