Ugandan cities not among the top ones for global citizens to relocate to in 2023

Just wondering why our Ugandan cities are not among the 181 top cities for global citizens to relocate to in 2023. I thought we are doing well on the indexes that were measured.

“Some of the indexes measured include ease of travel, climate, cost of living, economic power, English proficiency, and freedom index, these indexes were averaged using the Global Residence Index computing method to produce the overall relocating index.”

Chinedu Okafor

Okay, I accept we do have a challenge of ease of travel from other countries to Uganda and also within Uganda. But seriously, I thought our status as a country “gifted by nature” would over compensate for us.

Many visitors to our country that I have spoken to in the past have always expressed their surprise at how the cost of fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods is ridiculously low in Uganda. And moreover we have all year round availability. So I thought we should have done well on cost of living. I wonder what made our score on cost of living not as attractive.

Okay, it is not as good as it was right after our political independence from Britain, but the English proficiency of our residents of Kampala City is surely better than that of the residents of Dar es Salaam, I thought. I mean English is the official language of Uganda. So what is it that made Dar es Salaam to be the only East African City in the top ten in Africa?

Or was it Uganda’s score on the freedom index? It could be, considering all the many high profile events that have been widely publicized about Kampala and Uganda as a whole on security of person or the lack of it thereof. From repressive laws, to torture, to murder, and others. Could this be our undoing? Food for thought.

Anyway, here is the full list of the top ten African cities for global citizens to relocate to in 2023:

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