Organic Vs ‘Modern’ Agriculture

Uganda has the potential to feed its entire population through the practice of organic agriculture.

  • Comparative to ‘modern’ agriculture, organic agriculture requires more labour – and Uganda has got over 30 million people.
  • ‘Modern’ agriculture has a lot of hidden costs – the effects of extensive use of artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides – which Uganda really cannot afford.

This is why the National Agriculture Advisory Development Services (NAADS), in its un-politicised form is extremely important for Uganda.

We need a team of scientists and practising farmers to provide the much needed advice and extension services in the practice of organic farming for which Uganda has a comparative advantage.

Ugandan farmers are not backward needing ‘modernising’, they just need the same support as the so-called investors who are bringing in the poison in the name of modernisation of agriculture.

  • Our ‘imperfect’ looking mangoes are just as good nutritionally and are far superior ecologically.
  • Eboo (cowpeas leaves) need no artificial fertilizers – they grow so well in our homesteads.

Try it, replace you grass lawns with vegetable plots and eating organic will save you loads of money.

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