Leader of Opposition of 10th Parliament

Since the day that Winfred Kiiza slapped the Karimojong young woman while the latter was in police custody, Kiiza went into one’s Black List of objectionably and dishonourable persons. No one is perfect, but Kiiza did go the extra mile on this, by one’s judgement.

While Lukiyo’s alleged act of child abuse is inexcusable, the source of such cases is not these poor women on the streets. And you would expect a legislator to be fully cautious before putting her judgment on such women. A person elected to represent a district is the same person to commit crimes right at a police station. (Rosebell Kagumire)

The imagery of Kiiza slapping Lukiyo is too engrained in one’s mind that one cannot possibly support her being elected to the position of the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament (LoP).

It seems that the quality of the LoP goes down every time. The LoP of the 9th Parliament, Wafula Oguttu, lost his parliamentary seat after he was not elected back into Parliament during the 2016 elections. One has doubts as to whether Kizza is a better replacement.

Is Kiiza really the best legislator in the 10th Parliament among those in the opposition to espouse the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) “one people …” or the “peoples’ party…” ethos? One thinks not.

4 responses to “Leader of Opposition of 10th Parliament”

  1. Education: Ms Kiiza holds a Masters of Peace and Conflict Studies from Makerere University.

    Work Experience (Education into practice): Slapping a homeless mother who was holding her malnourished baby inside a police station.


  2. Norah, kudos for that observation and criticism. I totally agree with you. The imagery of Kiiza slapping Lukiyo is too engrained in one’s mind to ever forget. In fact I didn’t remember who Winfred Kizza was, until you mentioned that slap!

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