Study Design Questioned

GMO banana Scientific Research Study Design should be questioned This experiment at Iowa State University exclusively targets non-smoker female students of 18-40 years of age to find out the Vitami…

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  1. Nora, the refutation of the experiment goes too far. I will give you two sociological examples that are not scientific in the analytical sense. Analysis is the preferred method of Eurocentric knowledge production. Indigenous knowledge on the other hand has its own holistic ways. 1. The process by which data is collected in Africa/third world and analysed in USA/Europe is known as neocolonialism in the epistemological sense. This is because interpretation of data and formulation of knowledge out of it involves power relations and it takes place in a totally removed and different cultural context. This process underlies most if not all development relationships between Africa and its rich partners in the global north. It begs the question: ‘whose problems whose solutions?’ This is to say nothing about the fact that interest, including political and economic interest, is inserted into the product at design stage. 2. Thinking about food security specifically, please note that the original definition went roughly like this: ‘The availability of culturally acceptable food to all people at all times.’ My interest is in ‘cultural acceptability’. Later it was adulterated to include things like availability of ‘nutritious’ food and to give the full title as ‘food security and nutrition’. The problem in some of the subsequent changes is, in my opinion, that now the ‘global food business community’ was redrawing definitions to include itself. Kofi Anan was at sometime used to promote the ‘…and nutrition’ bit. The second problem is that the ‘cultural’ component is thrown out of the definition, thus the indigenous unit, the household and its collective, the community, are denied the right to self determined space ( Teso, Nkore, Lango. These are cultural spaces) and the whole responsibility for ‘food security’ is given to the cartel of food companies, foreign research centres and their client states in Africa. This cartel can now grab our land in the name of this version of food security. Please note that the better way for food security is to attach it to culture because by nature culture is about continuity, sustainability of generations, from one to another. What a better form of security!

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