MUK closed, we are not outraged enough

Makerere University Kampala (MUK) remains closed and I despair. Education is key for breaking barriers.

To think the losses incurred by parents and guardians who prioritised education for their children – selling important assets – land, animals – in order to raise the significant costs for tuition fees and upkeep for their children during this semester when the university now remains closed.

This status quo is so crippling – on human, social, political and #economic #development.

Sadly, in my view, we the active citizens have become the major let down. Why is it politically questionable leaders attract our attention and crowd following and this important issue has not brought us out on the streets or has not generated significant and effective ‘writivism’?

Is it because in general our education system is mostly based on not questioning ‘the authority’? In which case, is the closure of the university good riddance of an inappropriate education?

Should we point a finger at the educators? Should we point a finger on the educators who failed in their wisdom to protest in a manner that does not impinge on the very essence of their purpose, which is nurturing and educating the next generation?

And yes, am among those who attempted to do a PhD at MUK . And sadly, am among those who did not complete my PhD at MUK for multiple reasons – and inadequate mentoring/guidance was one of them.

I cannot help but wonder, with all those dons at MUK, none of them was able to come up with a solution in which MUK could ensure its academic staff is paid their allowances and that did not entail shutting down of the core business of the university?

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