Tuberculosis in Uganda – Policy Brief I

Uganda’s capacity to diagnose tuberculosis (TB) is the focus of this policy brief that is authored by Ms. Norah Owaraga. Ms. Owaraga, the researcher, is the Managing Director of CPAR Uganda Ltd and as an expert cultural anthropologist she is the Social Scientist for TWENDE (Tuberculosis: Working to Empower the Nations’ Diagnostic Efforts).

Ms. Owaraga’s comparative analysis that is contained in this policy brief provides insights not only into Uganda’s overall capacity to diagnose TB, but it also provides detailed analysis of the capacity to diagnose TB within the different geographic regions of the Country.

Ms. Owaraga discusses the implications of Uganda’s current capacity to diagnose TB and suggests questions for further research and possible actions to be taken if Uganda is truly going to rid itself of TB; or at the very least slow down its TB infection rate and therefore significantly reduce those that TB afflicts in Uganda.

Read the full policy brief here 

Image Credit: Rachel Mabala, Daily Monitor: “L-R State Minister for Health Ms. Sarah Opendi receiving GeneXpert tuberculosis machines from the United States Ambassador to Uganda H.E. Malac Deborah.”

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