Turn Around Uganda’s Leadership Crisis

This year, 2018, marked the 50th Anniversary of my birth. Last month, August, on the day of the anniversary of my birth, I contemplated my legacy. Will I make the cut of those who have lived an Aristotelian good life?

Aristotle states that the good life consists in the possession, over the course of a lifetime, of all those things that are really good for us. What is really good for any one of us corresponds to the natural needs that are the same for all of us. Thus what is good for one person is good for another; in other words, there is a right plan for living well.

So what are these real goods that we should seek to obtain in order to live well? According to Aristotle, they are: bodily goods – health, vitality, vigour, and pleasure; external goods – food, drink, shelter, clothing, and sleep; and goods of the soul – knowledge, skill, love, friendship, aesthetic enjoyment, self-esteem, and honour. (Source: John Messerly)

I am blessed that my life journey continues and that I do have the opportunity and the honour to be in the position to be part of the solution of Uganda’s leadership crisis.

We must turn things around and take the road that we have often not taken, which is to continuously and systematically mentor the next generation of leaders. I invite you to join us on this journey – me and the organisation, CPAR Uganda, in which I am among the leaders.

Support us in any way that you can: lend us your goodwill and moral support; advocate for our initiative to establish a mentoring programme that supports disadvantaged student interns that are affiliated to universities in greater northern Uganda;  advocate for the wider cause of mentoring the next generation of leaders; and sign up to be a mentor.

Make a financial donation of US$ 10 (UGX 38,000) or more towards our initiative and help us to meet the threshold for us to become permanent members of the GlobalGiving platform through which we may access funding and other resources that will enable us, for a start, to mentor 100 disadvantaged student interns.

Make an online donation here


3 responses to “Turn Around Uganda’s Leadership Crisis”

  1. Appreciate your using the quote about Aristotle from my essay summarizing his views. Would you please give me credit for the quote. John Messerly reasonandmeaning.com


    • Within in the text text in the quote, in the first word, “Aristotle” I had embedded the link to the online source, but certainly let me edit and explicitly give you credit. Best wishes.


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