Lying about one’s age is the norm in Uganda

Intentional lying about one’s age to fit or to qualify for something is a common practice in Uganda. However, it often catches up with one, especially so, when one is inconsistent. Meaning, de facto, that in order to get away with intentional lying about one’s age, one must make sure that one is consistent. And if one needs to change one’s official date of birth, one must remember to officialise it by acquiring a legal instrument, as Justice Steven Kavuma did try to do in 2016.

No doubt, there are discrepancies in the official age of Mr. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, intentional or otherwise. And it is those discrepancies that the notorious or famous Mr. Mabirizi, depending on whether he is suing you or not, is using.

This time round, Mr. Mabirizi is Mr. Kyagulanyi’s foe, potentially benefiting President Museveni; while in 2018 Mr. Mabirizi was Mr. Kyagulanyi’s ally against President Museveni’s Administration.

Click here to read the full opinion from whence this is extracted.

Post featured photo credit @ The Independent

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