Uganda at cross-roads 2021 Campaigns

Honestly, what are the presidential and parliamentary election campaigns for 2021 about? Sincerely. Are they worth it in this the era of the COVID-19 pandemic? Politicians crisscrossing the country attracting crowds, in some cases bought crowds are the norm, and with no concern that those crowds are easily transmitting the coronavirus!

And the international community that vilified Trump for holding political rallies seemingly support the holding of political rallies by politicians in Uganda. What is that all about? Okay, at least the risk would have been worth it in terms of policy discourse. But the headlines of the national dailies doesn’t give one confidence.

I have my doubts that in terms of policy issues, the electorate is as insufficiently informed as I am. From what is reported in the mainstream media, I honestly cannot tell you what the policy agenda of any of the candidates truly is.

Yes, for example, I would have wanted a situation in which the opposition politicians hold the ruling party candidates to task to prove the achievements the claim to have made. For example, can they show us the farmers in the constituencies that fit the description here below by the president?

President Museveni in “Statement by the President given to the Conference on Modernization of Agriculture, Entebbe, State House – 13th August 2011

And were farmers assisted with extension services as the president recommended? These and many other such questions should be the core of the discourse at the political campaigns currently ongoing, are not. So, why the farce and waste of resources?

I don’t agree with calls for the Electoral Commission to call off the election campaigns, not really. I am much more interested in the electorate simply boycotting the elections all together as a sign that we are not happy with the manner in which politicians from all sides are less concerned about our health and wellbeing.

Let there be low voter turnout at rallies and on polling day. Send a loud message, don’t participate in these shenanigans. What a deadly farce!

One response to “Uganda at cross-roads 2021 Campaigns”

  1. How possible is it for the electorate to boycott elections yet even Opposition leaders cannot? This elections would have be called off if at all the state was interested in protecting it’s citizens from Covid-19.

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