Speaker Kadaga should not seek another term

It is fact that on matters Uganda national governance, women are under-represented – from top to bottom. Read more of my analysis in my “GENDER LENS ON BEST MINISTERS,” published in July 2020 and in my “CRY KARAMOJA WOMEN!” published in December 2019

Be that as it may, I cannot accept the proposition that because women are underrepresented we must make sure that Speaker Kadaga remains Speaker so that we have at least one woman in the top 20. How does this solve the wider problem?

In fact, some may argue that indeed then Speaker Kadaga is part of the problem with her queen bee status. How comes all this time she has not groomed another woman to take over? How is it she thinks that only she is able to contest successfully for the speakership?

And, if it is simply the case that we want to retain just the one woman in the top 20, then Speaker Kadaga should step down and put her weight behind Hon. Among Anita to be elected Deputy Speaker.

Better still, why not implore the President, as he will likely reshuffle his cabinet, to appoint a female Vice President – could this be Kadaga?

And why stop there, let us agitate and advocate for gender balance among the deputy prime ministers; among the inspector generals of police; among the secretaries to the treasury; and among the governors of bank Uganda.

Gender equity and equality should be the norm and not the preserve of a few women.

One response to “Speaker Kadaga should not seek another term”

  1. How come she didn’t bring these issues up while she was still enjoying her two terms?is she the only woman present in Parliament?and if she’s saying so,has her stay as woman speaker brought any impact to the women MPs in Parliament?


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