Uganda’s Advertising scene is crazy funny

On a evening stroll recently, around our neighborhood in Entebbe, I came across adverts that entertained me, but also left me questioning.

Take for instance this one that combined “pork” and “shalom”. Really?

My research finds that technically the authors of the signpost are right to use the word Shalom. However, sensitivity to Jewish beliefs, may dictate that its use in this context may be inappropriate. The word shalom is often closely associated with the Jewish faith, which faith forbids its followers from eating pork.

Anyway, I continued on my blissful walk and happened on another advert, advertising snacks. I thought okay.

It is catchy and it rimes, but “snack attack”, what was the encoder of the message going for?

Now, for many a Ugandan who went to boarding school during my time, we have a particular relationship with corn snacks. In our time, they were known to be so hard that they potentially could crack a tooth. Anyway, I walked on by.

Of all the other adverts that I saw, I thought the one for Pepsi Cola was it.

Simply and fabulously done, “for the love of it”.

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