Sights of the Entebbe that I love

Nearly 53 years ago, I was born at Entebbe Grade B Hospital, now renamed, Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital. Yes, pretty much, Entebbe is my home. Anyway, recently, I took a walk in the previously not so posh area of Entebbe, but has now truly become the poshest area me thinks.

You see, at first, I lived in the posh area that at the time was reserved for top government officials, such as was my late father, who served at the Ministry of Works, in different capacities and for many years was the Engineer in Chief and the Permanent Secretary.

Walked past this property and I loved the scene of a bust of nature within.

After my father retired, we moved to the less posh area of Entebbe, but in which my father had had foresight to buy land and to build houses. Now. the previously not so posh area is prime property.

As I walked past these cottages, which have a great view of the airport and of Lake Victoria from a far, I thought of how when I was growing up, this area was not considered posh, I think.

It is really interesting how Entebbe has transformed. The areas previously considered not posh are now the posh ones and the previous posh area is no longer that posh.

On my walk, the property that I absolutely loved was the Panorama Restaurant & MiniBar. Such an innovative way they have repurposed old tyres to form a barrier for their garden.

I have never ventured inside of Panorama, but just because of how nice it looks on the outside, when the time is right, I will make it a point to go there for a sun-downer and for a meal.

I had a great time walking for exercise. I breathed in fresh air and it was so rejuvenating for my body, mind and soul.

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