Lira Woman MP Hon Auma triumphs again

“Bony Aliro was supposed to present the petition with signatures of registered voters in the constituency to support the petition. The witnesses who swore affidavits did not have a polling station to identify them, no voter identification number; while some of them lacked genuine national identity cards; and the signatures were forged.”

Paul Idambi, Hon. Linda Agnes Auma’s Lawyer

Reportedly, Aliro’s petition was logically dismissed by Justice Vincent Emmy Mugabo on grounds that Aliro and his witnesses who swore affidavits did not produce evidence that they are registered voters of Lira district.

Hon. Linda Agnes Auma triumphs again. She retains her seat in the Parliament of Uganda, as the Woman Member of Parliament for Lira District. Hearty congratulations to her and her constituents.

As for Aliro, he is now saddled with a situation in which the High Court has dismissed his petition with costs.

  • Is it the case that in Uganda we have watched a lot of those Hollywood movies on the mafia or what?
  • How does one boldly do as Aliro did?
  • What was the basis of Aliro’s conviction that he would get away with it?
  • Or is it truly the case that simply failed to produce evidence?

Many questions …

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