I hiked Aruu Falls in Acholi in Northern Uganda

Am starting to get the work-life-balance-steer-away-from-stressful-situations philosophy. I took a chance and I joined a group safari with other women. Our first destination was Aruu Falls and it was worth it over and over above! I enjoyed Uganda’s gift of nature and it nurtured my mind, body and soul.

At the top of Aruu Falls

“Aruu Falls are cascading streams of roaring waterfalls offering a thrilling unforgettable and adventurous experience. This jagged crashing cascade makes Aruu waterfalls an extremely beautiful view. The waterfalls are a very vibrant sight to watch as water gushes down the rocks.

Uganda Tourism Centre

Aruu Falls

Indeed, the description of Aruu falls by Uganda Tourism Centre is spot on.

One tiny little big thing that discomforted me though was the neglect of the reception and camping site area. Sincerely, I would have expected much, much, much more from Uganda Tourism Centre.

Whereas, I didn’t have the courage to venture into the wash rooms at the reception and campsite area, those who did confirmed my suspicions of unsanitary conditions as I deduced them from afar.

Then this all idea of having a huge loud speaker blaring away spewing noise and unintelligible lyrics at such a location that is rich with sounds of nature is beyond my understanding. What was that? We had to ask the caretakers to turn it down, and mercifully they turned it off completely.

And as a cultural anthropologist, and one that is proud of the cultures of our first nations, it baffles me how so little about us, the people of Uganda, the Uganda Tourism sector promotes. Why is that?

If I were in charge, I would make sure that at the reception area of Aruu Falls there would be demos of the way of life of the people of Acholi; plus books and other written material about the people of Acholi, especially by the Acholi themselves.

“Song of Lawino is an epic poem written by Uganda poet Okot p’Bitek. First published in 1966 in Acholi, it was quickly translated into other languages, including English. Song of Lawino has become one of the most widely read literary works originating from Sub-Saharan African. It has also become culturally iconic within Africa, because of its scathing display of how African society was being destroyed by the colonization of Africa.” Wikipedia. Click here and read more

And yes, if I were in charge, the menu would be Acholi cuisine through and through! Let all tourist learn about our food and acquire a taste for it.

Aruu falls is located in Northern Uganda on the Gulu – Kitgum highway, 47 Km from Gulu and 57 Km from Kitgum and about 386 Km from Kampala.”

Uganda Tourism Centre

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