“Doctor in the house,” my guide to good health

There is this reality television series that airs every morning (Uganda time) on DSTv’s “CBS Reality” channel, that is called: “Doctor in the house”. In each episode, four doctors are invited into the lives of a family.

The doctors observe the families’ every day living – whether they do exercise or not; how they do exercise; what they eat, when and how they eat, etc. The doctors also run comprehensive tests on each of the family members.

On the basis of their observations and the test results, the doctors prescribe a plan for each of the family members to follow for eight weeks to better health. I am totally hooked to the programme in a good way, because in each episode I learn something new about how we might go about living a healthy dignified life.

And, mostly, my major learning from “Doctor in the house”, is that it is within our own means to make simple adjustments to the way in which we live our lives, in order to live happy healthy lives. So, this year, 2022, I am determined to make those simple adjustments that are within my means, in order to lead a happier and a healthier life.

I bought myself a second hand stationary bike and for the last couple of weeks I try to exercise on it for at least 10 minutes a day. When the weather is good on Saturday or Sunday, I bring out the bike to my front yard garden so I can exercise for at least 20 minutes as I also soak in Vitamin D, directly from the sun.

What I especially love about “Doctor in the house” is that the doctors actually pay attention to one’s mental health as well. In this morning’s episode, for example, there was this beautiful young woman who had issues with anxiety and feeling that she was overweight and yet she was not that overweight. the doctors helped her to find ways in which to manage her anxiety, alongside all the other advice on nutrition and exercise that they gave her.

Fascinating, indeed, how the doctors of “Doctor in the house” with different expertise work together in sync for the health benefit of their client. And so, one of my resolutions for 2022, is to watch as many episodes of “Doctor in the house” that I can and to implement those healthy living tips that I learn from them and that are relevant to me.

Feeling good about myself as I resume work on 3rd January 2022.

Four days into 2022, and I things are still on truck. Fingers crossed!

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