Discourse analysis & fact check of Police statement on Nabulime

Uganda Police Force (UPF): “The mother/housewife identified as Nabulime Dorothy, aged 22” has a “two-year-old daughter.”

ME: Which means she was a child bride and is a child mother.

UPF: “The mother showed no sympathy, compassion and love, expected from a mother towards her 2-year-old daughter. Upon arrest, she was subjected to a mental health check and found to be very normal.”

ME: I wonder what kind of mental health check it was. Who did the checking?

UPF: “We have further established that the suspect has 3 children from 3 separate relationships. Her first born of 4 years, was from her first relationship with Kivumbi Christopher, the second born of 2 years, who is the victim, was from a second relationship with a manfriend, whose identity she totally refused to reveal.”

ME: Relationships, really? What kind? What is the more precise definition of a relationship between a 17-years old poor girl and a “manfriend”? What kind of relationship is this between a 17-years old and a “manfriend”? Was the “manfriend” also questioned as a suspect for breaking at least a couple of Ugandan laws on child marriage, sex with a minor, child neglect, and others

UPF: “And the third child of four months, is from her third relationship with Male Isaac.”

ME: Who is she “house wife” to? Is it Male? Why not define the relationship as such? And how old was she when Male married her? Which marital ceremony have they gone through? The traditional Ugandan one? Or the Church wedding? Or by registration with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau?

UPF: “We believe her anger towards her 2-years old daughter, Gift, is transferred from the broken relationship with her father.”

ME: So, she refused to identify the “manfriend”. How then was it established what kind of relationship resulted in the 2-years old coming into being? Was it by rape? Was it by defilement? Is Nabulime among the girls violated during lockdown? What kind of relationship got broken that is being suggested she is angry about the breakup? And by the way, who named her daughter “Gift”?

UPF: “Surprisingly, the suspect accords her other two children, aged 4 years and 4 months, respectively, very good treatment.”

ME: How was this established? And over what period of time were the observations that resulted in this finding? And if this were true that she treats her other two children “as expected of a mother” and not her two-years old from a “broken relationship” is it possible she has a personality disorder? And this takes us back to the mental health check that found her to be normal. What are the credentials of the psychiatrist who did the mental health check? And how was the check conducted?

I am inclined to believe that Nabulime is a victim in as much as Gift is and that both of them need the help of the state in a medical facility as opposed to a penitentiary. And yes, the real aggressors and abusers have not yet been arrested.

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