#EndTBUg: End Tuberculosis in Uganda

Using the opportunity of a platform on NTV Uganda  to advocate for the “Defeat TB” and “End TB” campaigns. To be interviewed by Edris Matu was a fabulous experience. He is  much younger than I and yet on top of his game; the epitome of who I would like considered ‘the youth’ in Uganda.

Watch the interview here

What an honour and a privilege to serve. The scourge of tuberculosis is is real in Uganda with a prevalence rate of 87,000 cases annually according to the national TB survey that was conducted by the Ministry of Health.

Sadly, many of those afflicted with this highly infectious airborne disease are unaware and continue to spread it. #TB is not only preventable it is also curable. The key is earl diagnosis and treatment.

Read more on the work that we are doing on TB from the CPAR Uganda Ltd website

Photo taken by the very talented Emmanuel Owaraga

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