Women Progressively own land under customary tenure

Customary tenure bars women from owning land. False. in 2011, in Pallisa Town Council, I bought land from a woman who was clearly recognised by her community as a landowner. I am a woman and I was fully recognised as a legitimate person to whom land can be sold to.

Our clans and the village local councils protected our interests as female landowners of land that is under Customary Tenure in the same way that they do of male landowners. And so the popular assertion that Customary Tenure bars women from owning land, in this case, is falsified.

My experience as well falsifies other assertions made on Customary Tenure such as:

  • Customary tenure stands in the way of development and of progress
  • Cultural institutions, which the Constitution confers rights to manage land under customary tenure, have insufficient capacity and no records.

Read more on my experience in my case study “The Woman Landowner”; click here to download the PDF 

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