Hon. Orone to extend electricity in Gogonyo

Hon. Derick Orone, newly elected member of parliament representing Gogonyo County in Pallisa District, during campaigns promised thus:

“Leadership is not for enriching yourself, but to serve people’s interests and this is what I am going to offer. People need transparent and accountable leadershipI will ensure extension of electricity in some areas without power now because if we have access to power, we will be in a position to create employment opportunities.” (Source: Mudangha Kolyanga in Daily Monitor December 28 2020)

Gogonyo County Member of Parliament, Orone Derrick, with his wife, at his victory party. Photo borrowed from Teso Vibez.

Gogonyo is in my home district of Pallisa and I will be following Orone’s leadership as a member of parliament and fact checking it against his promise of being a “transparent accountably leader” and who “serves people’s interests.”

Yes, I will pay close attention for which people he will serve their interests.

MP elect Orone at the NRM induction at Kyakwanzi.

I will also fact check his ability to willed power within his party, the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement, to effectively lobby for the extension of electricity in those areas in his constituency that are without, as is his promise.

Prior to being elected into parliament and currently, Hon. Orone is in the business of exporting human labour. Here, with his wife at his swearing in ceremony, dressed as pilot and air hostess.

Photos credit: Save for the photo while at his victory celebration, all other photos herein featured are from Hon. Orone’s Facebook wall.

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