Ugandan men in uniform can be funny

“You, wewe, stop.” And when I continued walking on. He jumps on his motorbike and rides towards me from behind, in order to scare me to stop. When the front tyre of his bike reached me, I stop and turn to face my aggressor.

Why are you taking photos?” he asks.

I sense an Atesot accent. In response, I ask him back, “What law have I broken?” And then I add: “it is best you leave me alone, because you don’t know the kind of trouble you shall be in if you insist on intimidating me.” I take a step forward and walk away from him, swinging my bottom to the left and to the right, enjoying my walk.

Flummoxed, but wanting to save face among other men in uniform watching, he shouts:

“This time I have let you go, but if you continue and do it again, next time you will have it rough.”

I am not scared one bit, for I am an Atesot and I know the mentality of our men when they wear a uniform.

My crime, taking photos of signposts apparently. The one I took a photo of before I was accosted was this one above. I wonder why? Could it be the Contractor is “Hotel Zawadi Ltd,” or what?

And besides, a few minutes before I had taken a photo of the sign post of the proposed sight for the Gene Bank, I had prior taken a photo of another sign post. This one below:

That signpost of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation was a short walking distance away from this pile of garbage, a photo of which I took shortly before I took the photo of the Gene Bank sign post:

So, what is the story? The signposts are at the road side for all to see. The garbage is there in the middle for all to see. How is it a crime to take photos of things in the public domain?

But. sincerely, on another note. National Water and Sewerage Corporation, please style up. That signpost could do with a touch up; and are you going to say you are less concerned about that garbage pile in your neighborhood? Your civic duty is clear. If it is not within your purview, you know who is responsible. Do something about it.

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