Uganda’s Indigenous Communities as at 1st February 1926

Reading the third schedule of our Constitution of the Republic of Uganda (article 10(a)) has me wondering how so little I know about our indigenous communities, my fellow Ugandans. And yet I identify as a cultural anthropologist.

Some of our indigenous communities, like the Aliba, the Batuku, the Gimara, the Mening, the Ngikutio, the Reli and the Vonoma, I have never heard of them being spoken of in popular discourse.

Seriously, do these communities have some of their members in the top echelon of leadership in the national government? If so, who are they? And are their languages? Are those languages still spoken?

Source Wikipedia

And it got me thinking. Before we add on others, like the Bayindi, let us audit the degree to which we are celebrating the existing cultural identities of our nation; or, perhaps, the rate at which we are facilitating their ethnocide.

Anyways, here is the complete list of Uganda’s Indigenous communities as at 1st February, 1926 as published in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda:

  1. Acholi
  2. Aliba
  3. Alur
  4. Aringa
  5. Baamba
  6. Babukusu
  7. Babwisi
  8. Bafumbira
  9. Baganda
  10. Bagisu
  11. Bagungu
  12. Bagwe
  13. Bagwere
  14. Bahehe
  15. Bahororo
  16. Bakenyi
  17. Bakiga
  18. Bakonzo
  19. Banyabindi
  20. Banyabutumbi
  21. Banyakore
  22. Banyara
  23. Banyaruguru
  24. Banyarwanda
  25. Banyole
  26. Banyooro
  27. Baruli
  28. Barundi
  29. Basamia
  30. Basoga
  31. Basongora
  32. Batagwenda
  33. Batoro
  34. Batuku
  35. Batwa
  36. Chope
  37. Dodoth
  38. Ethur
  39. Gimara
  40. Ik (Teuso)
  41. Iteso
  42. Jie
  43. Jonam
  44. Jopadhola
  45. Kakwa
  46. Karimojong
  47. Kebu (Okebu)
  48. Kuku
  49. Kumam
  50. Langi
  51. Lendu
  52. Lugbara
  53. Madi
  54. Mening
  55. Mvuba
  56. Napore
  57. Ngikutio
  58. Nubi
  59. Nyangia
  60. Pokot
  61. Reli
  62. Sabiny
  63. Shana
  64. So (Tepeth)
  65. Vanoma

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