The Teso biking grandma

Through Teso Vibez’s Facebook page, I confirmed that our biking grandma is Tata Arengo Grace, from Ojiji Village, in Opot Parish, in Obalanga Sub-County, in Kapelebyong District, in Teso Sub-Region, in North-Eastern Uganda. Teso Vibez’s followers have since shared that Tata Arengo is a business woman who sells honey; and an astute politician – Obalang Sub-County Councillor representing the elderly.

Tata is grandma in Ateso – language of the Iteso people, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda.

@Teso Vibez

Tata Arengo’s photo on a bike posted on the Facebook page of Teso Vibez wowed me! I instantly shared it on my Facebook blog page “Norah Owaraga Blog” and it trended – so far, over seventy thousand positive reactions and over two thousand comments, nearly all positive too.

The few comments, less than ten, I think, that were too negative and necessitated me to delete them off my platform I deleted.  Overall, like me, many of the followers of my blog page were wowed, to the extent that over four thousand of them shared Tata Arengo’s photo to their platforms on Facebook.

Indeed, some of my blog followers were wowed to the point of disbelief – some even expressing suspicion that it could be a photoshopped photo. Some expressed curiosity to know more. And so, here below is more proof that it is real. Tata Arengo rocks!

@Itengo Paul as posted on Teso Vibez

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