Video – Women’s access to land, nutrition and COVID-19

They say, this disease, COVID, if it finds your body strong – you are nutritionally strong; your body has been receiving the sufficient nutrition; COVID, the chances of fighting it are high. So, we should go back and look at those things that are also contributing to COVID being spread heavily among Iteso.

I have spoken about the patriarchy, you find that men in Teso are abusing, are abusing, because that is not the custom and tradition of Iteso. They are abusing the customs and traditions of Iteso and taking away land from women. Iteso culture has already provided that women must be given land.

If you marry, you must give your wife land where to produce the food. Iteso women are the ones who produce food for feeding the community. We must go back to that conversation and see land use rights.

When my father dies, and I am a female, and you take away my land from me, you have brought a problem. Because for me a female child I have been given where I farm, me a wife I have been given where to grow food; men tend to grow crops to get money. Men are concerned in farming cash crops, but it has always been the tradition of women to farm food crops.

Click here to watch and to listen to more … It is a short and an insightful video.

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