Fact Check: Era of MPs gambling with speeches over or not?

“You will not speak if you have not done research; it must be evidence. The era of gambling with speeches is over… Let’s do research; the era of throwing figures and statistics whose sources are not known is over… we want when people read the Hansard, it is read as a document that can be quoted by researchers.”

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah quoted by Arthur Arnold Wadero in Daily Monitor 

Using the on-going debates on the proposed “NO BAIL LAW” how is adherence by the Speaker to his instruction going? Are members of parliament (MPs) and or other government officials who are discussing the issue locating within researched facts or are they simply gambling and using emotions to grandstand for the gallery and sound-bites in the media?

Source: NTV

What about the revelation of the Inspector General of Government that they plan to traumatize primary school going children into informants for the state against their parents – as in spy and tell on their parents, on what research is this strategy based?

Some who were prior cautiously optimistic are seemingly now pessimistic that Speaker Oulanyah’s instruction to legislators, as it was reported by Sam Ibanda Mugabi in the Nile Post, that “all debates in the 11th Parliament must be evidence based and legislators without facts will not be allowed to debate on the floor of Parliament,” is not holding true.

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