Celebrating working women on our 59th Independence Day Uganda

It delights me when I interact with women at work in what I presume to be their own businesses. And whenever I can, I support such small businesses by buying from them. These women that we found in Lira recently when we were looking for a supplier of flowers and decorative plants impressed me so.

By the look of things and from talking to them, it is clear that they have received formal education and they should ordinarily be employed in much sought after ‘white collar’ jobs.

We found them having a late lunch, but they put their plates down and did business with us first. We told them that we wanted flowers and other decorative plants and they showed to us the ones that they had. We made our choice, they invoiced us; and we paid. Honestly, I overshot my budget, but I was all too happy to do so.

And when it came to loading the car, they did not twiddle their thumbs, one of then boarded that double-cabin as a natural, while my driver, a man, looked on in awe.

For me, this is the very essence of independence.

Happy Independence Day Uganda at 59.

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